Instructions Guidelines

What is a Bag Bug?

The Bag Bug is a unique accessory created to deliver 3 key features and benefits: functionality, comfort, and accessory appeal.

Its unique design prevents your handbag from constantly slipping off the shoulder (figure 1), adds relieving comfort to the shoulder area, and complements your handbag with its luxury accessory appeal.

The Bag Bug can also be used to keep your handbag off the floor by hanging it on most square corners of tables, bars, and countertops (figure 2), as well as on most backs of chairs (figure 3).

Figure 1 – Bag Bug on the shoulder
Figure 2 – Bag Bug on the square corner of a table, bar, or countertop
Figure 3 – Bag Bug on the back of a chair

The Bag Bug is made of the following materials: Stainless steel, precious metals, and polyurethane.

Some Bag Bug designs are adorned with precious or semi-precious stones and or silk fabric.Start experiencing the luxurious comfort of your Bag Bug:Attaching the Bag Bug onto your handbag with a Round Strap(s) or Flat Strap(s):

For round strap(s):
Figure 4 (1 Strap)

Figure 4B (2 Straps)

For flat strap(s):

Figure 5 (1 Strap)

Figure 5B (2 Straps)

Note: The Bag Bug is designed to remain on the strap(s) you place it on. You can remove it at any time and it can be used daily.

Words of Caution

  • Overtime, the metal may cause some wear on the strap(s) of your purse. To minimize it, gently adjust the opening of the Bag Bug when attaching and removing it from the strap(s).
  • Remove your hair from the shoulder area before placing your purse strap(s) on your shoulder fitted with your Bag Bug.
  • Do not ingest.
    This is not a toy. Keep away from children.
  • Do not attempt to change the shape, size, or curvature of the Bag Bug® in any way. Do not attempt to remove the pad from the Bag Bug. Warranty will be voided upon doing so.
  • Some edges of the product can be sharp, handle with care.
  • Do not store in or near high temperatures.
  • This product has not and will not be tested on animals.
  • Do not use for any purposes other than those for which the Bag Bug has been intended.

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